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Mar 25, 2013 5:00pm EDT
to four five before -- three to five before. it's four to six. the brown cost of war study put at $6 trillion. i put at $5 trillion. at a minimum it's at least a trillion higher. secondly, in terms behalf to do about it? , i mean, i have a number of proposals. on the veterans' issue, which is where i have spent a lot of my time, the first major recommendation is that we should be appropriating money to a veteran's trust fund at the time we go war. so right now we underprice war. we underprice war the same as if we said, you know, here is a car for $20,000 but in fact it's actually there's a hayden price tag of another tag of another $25,000. nobody when say that vote in congress gets to vote on the full cost. i mean, i think we should be appropriating the -- at least an additional 25% for every dollar war spending it would have the benefit of one, making people consider more carefully the true cost of war and putting money aside for the inevitable of veteran's benefit. i think we should prohibit the use of emergency money for war spenlding. it's supposed to be resphricting to -- rest
Mar 21, 2013 9:00am EDT
on a straight party-line vote, 60-40 with senator scott brown of massachusetts having been elected on a promise to block and kill the legislation, the american people consistently opposing the legislation, and they were able to ram it through before he could take office and cast the deciding vote. they got the absolute minimum number of votes, 60, to pass this monstrosity. i'm told now the regulations in the bill are six feet high when stacked up. we still have -- haven't seen them. and that legislation was 1,700 references to this section to be effectuated by regulations to be issued by the department. and regulations continue to be pouring out in record numbers, to try to clarify the hundreds, thousands of ambiguities in the bill. people's health insurance, we were told, would go down. that this was going to bend the cost curve to bring health care costs down. we warned that would not happen. who was correct three years ago? health care costs are surging. they're not through surging yet. we're going to have more increases as the health care bill takes effect in january of next year. the avera
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2